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U.S. Military Repair, Testing, Design, Manufacturing, and EOL support

United States Military Technical Support

U.S. MilitaryWith a unique specialization in older, legacy electronics, UST provides valuable legacy product support as products become more obsolete with each passing year...especially for products no longer supported by the OEM.

As Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) or obsolescence issues rise, UST is able to provide a comprehensive VME, SBC, or PCB inventory source for New and Refurbished products.  In addition services such as circuit board reverse engineering and manufacturing along with component sourcing provides much needed support to mission critical systems by significantly extending the product's life cycle.

US Technologies' team of experienced professional RF (such as RF amplifier circuits) and Legacy System Engineers, as well as VME engineering staff are available to assist you with questions regarding your specific technical needs or obsolescence issues.

We are here to help...please contact us for assistance and someone from UST's technical team will get in touch quickly.

Sales, Manufacturing & Redesign and Repair for a Wide Range of Products

  • Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Core Memory Boards
  • CPU Boards
  • Downlink Converters
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Monitors
  • Power Supplies
  • Radar Components
  • Subassemblies
  • Radar Sets
  • Radar Components
  • Radar Subassemblies
  • Radio Set
  • RF Amplifiers
  • RF Exciters
  • RF Signal Generators
  • RF Spectrum Analyzers
  • Uplink Converters
  • SATCOM amplifiers
  • Military SATCOM Systems
  • SBC Boards
  • Test Equipment
  • In circuit Test Fixtures
  • Electronic Test Fixtures
  • Wire Wrap Boards

U.S. Technologies is a member of Government Approved and recognized
Programs & Standards

We have the capability to repair/rebuild and manufacture subassemblies contain within:
AN/TPS-75, AN/FPS-115, AN/FRC-178, AN/FSQ-114, AN/FYQ-109, AN/TPX-54, AN/SPS-64, AN/DPS-5, AN/MSQ-T43, AN/GKC-1, AN/GSQ-238, AN/GSQ-235, AN/MSR- T4, AN/MSQ-118, AN/MST-T1 MUTES, AN/MPQ-T3, AN/TPS-63, AN/TPS-43E, AN/ALQ-131, AN/ALQ119, AN/APX-103(V)
... and many others
Military application
  • ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
    • CAGE code 1D8S5
    • Member of FAST Program
    • NIACS authorized
    • Member of A.F.A.
    • DSP Program
    • Cheyenne Mountain Program

VME Service provided to the U.S. Military

  • Extensive VME testing and repair for mature, legacy systems along with large library of technical documentation
  • Personnel with Secret Clearance
  • Circuit board Reverse Engineering of electronic components and subassemblies, that have little or no data
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) support
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for current and obsolete products
  • Services and EOL support to OEM specifications as well as upgrades
  • Secure, dedicated depot facility providing worldwide shipping and Legacy Product support
  • Preventative maintenance programs to extend product life cycles
  • MICAP repairs for domestic and FMS agencies
  • State-of-the-art test equipment, electronic test fixtures, test software and test procedures to meet the most stringent requirements
  • Direct service and support for multi-year contracts, as well as SBC warranty.
  • Dedicated in meeting sensitive time schedules at the most competitive pricing

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If you cannot find an item please give us a call at 1 (800) 234-0862, as our inventory is constantly being updated.

 US Technologies team of seasoned professionals have extensive experience with:

  • Airborne/Ground Based Radar Systems - LNA, Synthesizers, HV Power Supplies, TX Modules, Shaft Angle Encoders, Antennae
  • Avionics - NAV/COM, IFF
  • Communication Systems - UHF, VHF, Wireless, ISM, VSAT
  • Range Threat/Warning Receivers
  • Simulation Tools - MATLAB, MathCAD, SPICE, VHDL
  • RF/Microwave Circuit Simulation
  • Multi-Threat Emitter Simulators (MUTES, Mini-MUTES)
  • Nuclear Hardened Systems
  • Electronic Warfare - Custom test systems, Electronic Jamming

As a certified small business, US Technologies is constantly partnering with larger companies to satisfy requirements and add value to your bottom line. With our extensive core competency base of services we can assist with mission critical systems and project management throughout every stage from development to delivery. We're here to assist, please click here to contact our project management team and we'll get back to you quickly.

UST NAICS CODES:  334119, 334220, 334290, 33418, 334511, 334515, 335312, 335999, 336413, 541330, 541712, 541990, 811212, 811213, 811219, 334519

UST has the experience to provide custom test plans and complete documentation for customers specific needs.

Do you have Military Sales Experience? US Technologies is always looking for high quality professionals to join our team. Contact us.

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