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What is ISO 9001 Certification?

The Search for ISO 9000 Certified Companies in USA

If you are looking for an ISO 9001 certified company that focuses on providing high quality repair and testing services to commercial businesses, industries and military, then look no further.

U.S. Technologies offers many services ranging from repair & refurbishment, engineering & design, and manufacture & testing for a large variety of industries and applications

So, What is ISO Certified? What is the ISO 9001?

To start, ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, which from its name is an international standard accepted worldwide and it poses requirements that an organization must abide by in their quality management systems (QMS) proceedings.

As in the ISO 9001, such requirements focus on the obvious sales, design, purchasing, training, equipment calibration and log keeping, which for the ISO 9001, are written by the ISO/TC 176 technical "umbrella" committee, along with three subcommittees, each focusing on a specific area of the standard:

  • Concepts / Terminology
  • Quality Systems
  • Supporting Technologies
The ISO 9001 contains 8 sections:
  • 1, 2 and 3 - Scope, references, concepts and terminology
  • 4, 5 and 6 - Management of quality, responsibility and resources
  • 7 - Production and product realization
  • 8 - Measurement, analysis and improvement.

Sections 4-8 list the conditions with 250+ unique requirements. In a nutshell, if the company can:

  • Determine the scope of customer needs and demand
  • Establish objectives and regulations to the work setting to meet those needs
  • Develop a system to implement the regulations and accomplish the objectives
  • Measure the performance of each process while attempting to improve the system

 ...then the company will pass the ISO 9001 certification, which means that the company meets the quality management system requirements set forth by the ISO 9001 standard.

Why ISO certification is required? Why an organization should implement ISO 9001?

ISO certification ensures a systematic approach to quality management that has been tested to work, ensuring that:

  • Customer satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.
  • Products and services are consistent due to strict protocol and control.
  • Management proceedings are beyond reproach.
  • Jobs are given to the right people with the proper skillset.
  • Services will always get better due to the standard's mandate to improve on performance.

In essence, being ISO certified is a statement that the customer's time, money and effort will not be wasted and that the company's methods have been tested, audited and certified to be fully functional and highly effective.


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